The Power of the Pen

Even with all the technology available today, I still relish writing with a good pen! I enjoy writing thank you notes, cards and postcards when I’m traveling.

I’ve often wondered though if pens are going out of style?

With more and more people typing text messages and emails is it reasonable that pens will soon be extinct?

I think not! As high tech gadgets continue to increase in popularity, pens have actually increased in value. According to an October study in the Wall Street Journal, pen sales rose 4.9% to $8.5 billion in 2014. Most successful companies have married pens with modern technology wherever possible and now include a rubber top that be used as a stylus for tablets and smartphones.

ASI, the Advertising Special Institute recently published a study with data revealing more than half of consumers (56%) own a logo’d writing instrument. This shows the importance of having an attractive design for your company pens as people tend to hang onto them, especially women. The study showed that 53% of women owned promo pens as compared to 47% for men.

My favorite pen is the Textari Stylus and it’s designed for advanced connectivity with all touch screen devices. I love the way it looks with its shimmering jewel and silver tone accents. It writes so smoothly and the grip is super comfortable.  I can also write for hours without getting a hand cramp. Where were these pens when I was in college!

Consumers on average hang on to pens for about six months and the cost per impression is less than 1/10th of a cent. That tells me pens are still a great value for your budget and cost effective way to advertise your brand.

Are you giving away attractive pens at your next trade show or marketing event?

Check out my favorite and others here.