Trade Show Secrets You Need to Know

I’d like to share some tried and true trade show secrets with you. My goal is that you get the most out of your trade shows experience this year and maximize your ROI!

Let’s begin!

Stand out from the Competition

A trade show is an investment so it’s key to invest in your booth so your space looks and feels professional but also inviting.  Since the average visit to a company’s booth is about 5 to 15 minutes, it’s not a long time to make a lasting impression or close a sale. Be sure to design a trade show display that has high impact and appeal to draw potential customers to learn more about you.

Strong Staff Presence

It’s important the best brand ambassadors are outgoing and friendly people.  After all, they’re the face of your company! Haven’t you felt put off when the person behind the table was distant and cold – without even a smile? Engaging with a crowd and knowing a company’s product and services isn’t enough. Your event team needs to know how to start a conversation and ask the right questions. Don’t wait for people to come to you, ‘engage’ l them over and show you have to offer.

Don’t Hide In Your Booth

A trade show has hundreds if not thousands of people attending. Find out what other activities you can participate in. Are there any speaking opportunities available, can you host a snack break or cocktail party? Getting your name out there beyond your booth will bring credibility to your business and ultimately lead to more brand awareness and business.

Less is more

You can laugh all you want about Feng shui, but it applies at trade shows too! Make sure your space isn’t cluttered with marketing materials and giveaways and focus on one or two pieces of information Be sure to engage your prospects first, then give them a promotional item. Keep a special stash of higher end items under the table and use them sparingly to impress a potential lead. Make a lasting impression with your conversation, a targeted premium that they’ll surely love – and of course, don’t forget – the fortune is in the follow-up!

Leave Your Space

You’re not tied to your booth! Walk around and meet other vendors (while someone covers your booth, of course), check out what your competition is doing and what potential companies you may want to do business with, You’ll, be surprised at how many ideas you’ll get. Learn as much as you can, ask questions, have fun.

By incorporating these tactics into your trade show operations you’ll have a better opportunity to target stronger leads, increase your visibility and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Oh, and if the show’s a success? Negotiate with the organizer and sign up early for a big discount.  You can give a testimonial to get more free publicity for next year! That way everyone will know who you are (and you can promote that).