What is Lumpy Mail

Looking for a way to stand out in today's high tech world? Try lumpy mail!

What is lumpy mail? It’s simply direct mail that has a lump in it! It can be any kind of curiously lumpy, 3D or oddly shaped mailing piece. Wouldn’t you want to open something like that?

It’s no surprise that companies are shifting almost entirely towards online marketing. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t hear about social media marketing, blogging, YouTube or whatever today's hot app is! Yes, they’re cost effective and there’s been great success using these platforms. But, believe it or not, direct mail is proven to be more effective than email marketing.

Let’s look at some facts:

According to a study conducted by DMA

when direct mail is sent to an existing customer:

Direct Mail Response Rate of


Versus Email Response Rates of Just 0.12%
40% of Customers


Try a New Business After Receiving Direct Mail
70% of Americans


Say Direct Mail is More Personal Than the Ineternet

Direct mail is one of the oldest types of advertising – and still works in today’s marketplace. We receive so many emails during the course of the day that personalized mail (snail mail not bills) are almost always opened. An effective direct mail piece that’s designed to pique the reader’s attention coupled with interesting copy, and a fun giveaway is almost sure to capture the eye with a targeted call to action.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, try a direct mail campaign as part of your marketing strategy. When a customer opens your package they’re establishing a hands-on bond with your brand, something email can’t do. Try boosting your branding by including a fun gift like a flash light, stress toy, stylus or something unique that resonates with your target audience.

It’s also really easy to find out if someone has taken action with direct mail. Just measure the response rate of phone calls or track a coupon to measure results. With direct mail, you’re able to zero in on the target market you’re trying to reach. You can select a certain demographic area, age, income level and special interests – and more. Do your research before sending out campaigns and you’ll be pleased with the results!

From my experience and proven studies, there’s a higher open rate with direct mail than e-mail. Why? When you send a direct mail piece your brand gets delivered to someone’s home. Be careful that it doesn’t feel like spam and make sure that you offer something of value. This can begin or continue a positive relationship for years to come.

Make direct mail part of your marketing mix and tap into a new element of sales, recognition and brand awareness!

Below are 4 of my favorite products to get started with lumpy mail!


5-In-1 Highlighter Set

This 5-1 Highlighter Set features 5 colorful highlighters in a pocket case. Makes a great giveaway for the academic and financial industries.   


2000 mAh Suction Power Bank

This stylish slim 2000 mAh power bank uses suction to attach to phones or tablets, so it's a great giveaway for Apple or Android users! 



Once you start using a PopSocket you'll wonder why it took you so long to discover these handy devices. Imprint in full color to really impress! 


Silicone Smart Wallet

Available in 11 hot colors these silicone phone wallets adhere to phones and are perfect for taking cash, licenses and credit cards on the go! 

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