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7 Promotional Items Your Brand Should Have

Some people call them promotional items, but I like to call them Tchotchkes.

What exactly is a tchotchke?

Marketers have been buying them for years. Basically, they’re items or small ‘baubles’ that are given away. Promotional company’s like mine, have expanded the term to be marketing giveaways that not only keep brands top of mind, but are useful and have staying power.

In today’s cluttered environment there are so many amazing promotional products to choose from when marketing your brand and giveaways are now an essential advertising tool for your business. Knowing of course, that it’s finding the right product, for the right time, for the right event!

Let's look at 7 Tchotchkes (Promotional Items) that my clients love.

Stress Relievers
Who’s not stressed out? Stress relievers come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be branded with your logo or tag line. They’re a fun items to have at your desk and anyone can pick them up, give them a squeeze and release some temporary pent up energy. If you’ve ever used one, you know they work!
Power Banks

Power banks are promotional products that are sweeping the nation. Whenever I find one, I do a little happy dance! This little battery backup will keep your mobile device charged for a few hours until you’re ready to really plug-in. They’re handy for just about anyone doing business on the run – and perfect for VIP giveaways. Choose the color, style and price range to match your brand and event.

Tote Bags
Been to a grocery store lately? Of course you have! It’s no surprise that plastic grocery bags are more or less frowned on these days. In an effort to be more green, conscientious shoppers pack cloth tote bags in the trunk of their car to use at the market. Give these eco-friendly tote bags out at your next trade show. Why not let your customers promote your brand, everywhere they go? (It’s free).
BPA Free Water Bottles
How much water should you drink? Experts even disagree in the amount, but one thing I do know is that logo’d water bottles have skyrocketed in popularity the past few years. Whether your organization is sponsoring a marathon, business expo or concert, a recyclable water bottle is a promotional product that has lasting power and is used all the time. To get your biggest bang for the buck, make sure you buy a quality bottle that’s dishwasher safe.
Wireless Earbuds
Oh, how we love our music! Pandora, Spotify, Podcasts, Online Radio. Earbuds work with most electronic devices, smart phones and tablets and are an inexpensive way to promote your brand. They’re extremely popular tchotchkes for prospects and customers of all ages and useful too. They’re definitely one of my top 10 best sellers!
You might think magnets aren’t effective, but go to a friend’s house and look at their refrigerator. It probably has at least two or three magnets on the door! The most popular magnet is the business card type. They’re reasonably priced and easily designed to match your brand. Want a magnet that has real staying power? Ever see a calendar magnet? You can almost guarantee 365 days of promotion!
Lastly, I confess is my all-time favorite. Pens! Believe it or not, a good old-fashioned pen still grabs a customer’s attention. Keep a stash of pens handy at your next trade show or event and drive traffic to your booth. Just don’t put them out all at once!

Are you ready to brand your business in a big way?

Make an investment to promote your product or service with a few of these ‘tchotchkes’ and watch what happens.

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