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How to Create an Awesome Logo

How to Create an Awesome Logo

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  Your logo its often the first thing people notice about your brand. With so many companies competing for your attention, how do you create…

Unique pens for marketing a business

10 Unique Promotional Pens We Love

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These unique pens will help your business stand out from the competition! Marketing your business with logo’d pens is an effective way to increase brand…

Personalized Umbrellas Make a Great Giveaway

Personalized Umbrellas Make a Great Give Away

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Searching for a promotional product that’s not only functional, but will last a long time? If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s…

7 Promotional Items Your Brand Should Have Hero Image

7 Promotional Items Your Brand Should Have

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Some people call them promotional items, but I like to call them Tchotchkes. What exactly is a tchotchke? Marketers have been buying them for years.…

Market Your Company with Branded USB Flash Drives

Market Your Company With Branded USB Flash Drives

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Looking for fun, new hip items for your next gig? Whether you’re at a trade show, client meeting, networking event or simply mailing a thank…

How to Get More Likes for Your Company’s Facebook Page

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It’s important to have an engaged community to achieve success on Facebook! You can’t simple create a page and hope you’ll get traction you need…

7 Easy Ways to Communicate Your Value

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How do you stand out from the competition? You’ve heard it over and over again. It’s not always about the price. What, can you offer…

Examples of How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

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What’s a personal brand? Marketing expert John Jantsch, defines branding as the art of the know, like and trust factor. Do your prospects and clients…

How to Craft a Killer Logo

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I’m around clients all the time who want to have their brand stand out.  And they’re always asking me for ‘hints’ on how to improve…

Build Your Brand Identity

5 Strategies & Products to Build a Winning Brand Identity

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Building a winning brand identity is difficult, but these 5 easy tips (and products) can make it easier. When it comes to branding it’s important…