How to Create an Awesome Logo

How to Create an Awesome Logo

Your logo its often the first thing people notice about your brand.

With so many companies competing for your attention, how do you create a logo that makes your brand stand out?

My clients are always asking me for ‘hints’ on how to improve their visual impact. One of the easiest ways to catch someone’s eye is with well-designed graphics and a unique and memorable logo.

So, how do you create a logo that rocks?

Understand the Brand

A logo needs to convey your brand image. It may seem complicated to figure out your brand personality, but it’s not. Ask your team or trusted inner circle a few of these questions; What set’s you apart from your competition? Why do clients like working with you? Who are your top customers? What’s your company’s story? Keep a notebook with the answers and add comments and thoughts as you grow and transform your brand. You’ll see an interesting pattern as you grow yourself!

Analyze Other Logos

Pick 3 to 5 companies that you like and evaluate their logos. Are they dynamic? Compelling? Or just plain boring! What do you like or not like? Look beyond your colleague’s logos and analyze other compelling brands. I often recommend this exercise because it provides inspiration for creating or rebranding your own logo. Remember, your goal is to create a logo that’s s memorable and distinctive, and differentiates you from the crowd.

Keep it Simple

Think of some well-known brands that stick out in your mind. Nike, Apple, Lululemon.  What do these logos have in common? The most creative logos often have a few key elements that communicate their brand. They could be simple, stylish or easy to remember. A brand’s typeface and graphic style should complement each other and work in harmony to create the perfect image of their product or service. A brand is an image, but it’s also a feeling.

Color is Key

Have you thought about colors for your logo? You’d be amazed at the connection between colors and the perception people have about them. You probably know that blue conveys security, calmness, honesty, and strength while orange gives off a happy, friendly and sociable vibe. Any guesses on red? Bold, bright and yes, sexy! And if you're trying to stand out from your competitors, make sure you pick a unique color palette.

Where Will You Use Your Logo?

Lastly, make sure your logo is versatile and you have different formats available in png, pdf, ai etc.  You’ll be using multiple platforms to promote your brand so you need to have working (and tested) logos for print, web, social media sites, promotional items, branded clothing and so much more. It’s also imperative that your logo maintains quality and shows up clearly in various sizes and percentages, reproducing extremely well.

Hire a Professional!

Experienced designers (like my friends at 3thought) have the tools and understanding to help you create an awesome logo. Wether you're starting from scratch or thinking about rebranding, they'll work with you to create a logo that perfectly reflects your brand's personality.


And of course, once you've created your awesome new logo, you'll want to visit my store and find the best promotional products to proudly display it!

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