How to create awesome swag gift bags

How to create awesome swag gift bags!

Last Updated on August 4, 2023 by Rachel Leone

How to create awesome swag gift bags

Make a positive impression with these tips, tricks, and promotional products!

At Leone Marketing, we're experts in creating remarkable swag bags for corporate events! With nearly 30 years of experience, we've seen what works and what to avoid. To ensure your next event leaves a lasting impression, here are a few tips, trends, and products that have delighted our clients. Let's dive in and make your swag bags stand out from the crowd!

Are custom gift bags worth the effort and investment? Absolutely!

Creating personalized gift bags for conference giveaways requires more time and resources than standard swag; well-crafted gift bags leave a lasting impact on attendees, creating a memorable brand impression. And guess what? That positive interaction often translates into future sales, referrals, and even long-term relationships with potential clients.

Let's face it – conferences and trade shows are crowded with competitors vying for attention. To make a real impact, you need to stand out from the crowd. Sure, there are plenty of strategies out there, like dressing for success, leveraging downtime, and mastering body language, but one powerful tool you shouldn't overlook is the perfect conference gift bag.

So, if you're ready to leave a remarkable impression on your target audience, I've got you covered! Check out my guide to the best promotional items for your gift bags, all available at my store. Let's make your next event a showstopper!

Tip: Start with the perfect bag.

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to the actual bag you'll be putting your swag into, but this particular bag is one of my favorites. Why do I recommend this over something cheaper?

To start, it looks great and comes in 8 beautiful colors to match your brand. It also has the durability and features to match its great looks, making it highly desirable. Plus, it's made from recycled materials, so it's sustainable too. When you consider what you're getting, it's an excellent value.

Featuring 23" handles, a 9" gusset, a zip-close front pocket, and insulation, this is a tote attendees will love and hold onto for years to come, making it a top choice for swag bags.

Min. Quantity 150, ≤ $6.60 ea.

Tricks: How to choose the perfect products.

When it comes to picking the right products for your gift bag, there are lots of considerations. Ultimately, you're trying to show recipients that your brand understands and values them. While there's no one perfect product for every business, there are a few I really like, and I've found that choosing an item that aligns with as many of the qualities below, often increases your chances of being remembered or thought of positively after the event.

Quality - Avoid stuffing bags with lots of cheap products. Instead, pick fewer quality products that aren't going to get thrown away or fall apart. What you give is a reflection of your brand.

Useful - If you choose a product nobody wants or uses, you're basically admitting that you don't understand your customer. Handy products that get used over and over show your customers that you're thinking about them and you understand their needs.

Unexpected - A great way to stand out and be remembered is to choose items that people don't expect. High-value items or items with high perceived values are one way to delight recipients. Less expensive items that are unique, different, and/or thoughtful are another great choice.

Trendy - Selecting trending products can be difficult, but if you can catch a trend and be the cool company with the "it" product, that's certainly one way to win a trade show.

Quality doesn't need to cost a fortune. Javalina pens are one of the best-selling promotional pens in the world. These "pure" style Javs feature an antimicrobial coating and come in 6 beautiful jewel tones.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $0.90 ea.

These refreshing (and useful) mints come in a high-quality domed tin that can be imprinted with a photo-realistic, full-color imprint, making them a useful and popular stuffer for swag bags.

Min. Quantity 250, ≤ $2.50 ea.

Surprise high-value prospects with a highly desirable "Personalized" YETI Rambler. Keep a few of these handy for when you want to make a big, bold, unexpected impact on your most desired recipients.

Min. Quantity 24, ≤ $65.00 ea.

It's difficult to position the most popular swag apparel as trendy but hear me out. Every year (for as long as I can remember), t-shirts are one of my best sellers. They're not the most innovative, but recipients love them and use them! These quality tees are some of my favorites. Customize with your brand to turn recipients into walking billboards.

Min. Quantity 96, ≤ $9.41 ea.

Finally, add your marketing collateral.

I always tell my clients they need a great one-sheeter! A physical piece of marketing material that can be stuffed into each bag. It's nice to give away a few branded items, but it's just as critical to explain to recipients why they should choose you over your competitors.

Consumers love to compare prices and shop for bargains. If your service or product is competitive from a price standpoint, this is your chance to explain why you're the brand for them. Focus on what makes your business different and/or better. Tell stories about the problems you solve, the experience you have, or the value you bring. Not only will recipients remember the amazing gift bag you've just given them, but they'll also learn why your company and not the competitor a few tables down is the perfect fit for them.

Need a classy way to hold all your loose marketing materials? The executive Tuscany file folder can be branded with your logo and holds up to 60 pages of documents.

Min. Quantity 50, ≤ $9.50 ea.