Home Sanctuary Promotional Products

Home Sanctuary Promotional Products

Creating a calm and relaxing home environment can be easy with these promotional items!

With so many people working from home these days, I thought it would be a great time to share a few ideas and products that can help to bring a little calm and relaxation back into your home. And even if you're not working from home, we all want to feel comfortable after a long day at work, so read on for a handful of products and tips to make your home as serene as it can be.

How do promotional products help people relax?

Promotional products to help with relaxation may sound crazy, but when you look past your traditional promotional items, we actually carry quite a few products that can help you turn your home into a stress-free sanctuary. Below are a few ideas and related products.

  • Relaxing activities - Do you know that activities such as yoga and coloring have actually been proven to reduce stress? It's true, and we carry custom yoga mats and adult coloring book sets.
  • Items that create comfort - Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than getting wrapped in a warm oversized blanket and watching my favorite shows and movies. Don't forget to pop some popcorn while you're watching too!
  • Products that feel good - Personalized massagers and hot/cold eye masks are two more recommended items for relieving stress.
  • Set the right mood - Candles can be a great stress reducer. Not only do they smell great, but the warm flickering light from a candle makes any home more zen.
  • Cover the vices - When all else fails, do what we all do and appeal to people's vices. We sell custom imprinted snack boxes and of course wine.


Yoga Mat and Carrying Case

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. This yoga mat comes in 5 great colors and makes an affordable gift or giveaway.


Adult Coloring Book Set

Coloring is another proven way to relax. These coloring book sets can all be customized and include colored pencils. 


Oversized Sherpa Blanket

Measuring 60" x 70" and available in 7 fashionable colors, this oversized lambswool sherpa blanket is perfect for snuggling on the couch. 


Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

Take your movie nights to the next level with this amazing gourmet popcorn set. It comes in a tote and features popcorn and multiple seasonings. 


Star Shaped Massager

At under 6", this handheld massager is actually small enough for home or on the go. Simply slide across your body anywhere you're having pain. 


Plush Gel Beads Hot/Cold Eye Mask

This relaxation tool isn't just for spas, it's perfect for home too. Enjoy hot or cold heat any time you need it. Available in 3 popular colors!


Snap Top Tin Soy Candle

These soy candles are non-toxic and contain no paraffin. Light a few of these and place around a darkened home to create a zen-like oasis. 


Crowd Pleaser Snack Box

Filled with a variety of popular snacks, this personalized box is an ideal gift for clients, employees, or customers!



A glass of wine at the end of a long day can make most of your worries go away. At least temporarily. We carry white, red, and sparkling. 

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