Promotional Power Bank Buyers Guide Hero

Power Banks are one of today's most popular promotional items!

The crazy thing is, they didn't even exist until just a few years ago. 

Keep your clients and employees charged with the ultimate portable power! Mobile power banks are great for phones, tabletslaptops and any other battery powered device.

Mobile power banks are easy to "charge and go" which makes them the perfect promotional item for anyone who travels frequently for business or pleasure. Or the type of person who is ALWAYS on the phone. You know the type that drains their battery before the end of the day.

Plus these "perfect promos" are excellent in emergencies! Keep them charged and ready, and if you ever have to go a day or two without power, these handy little devices can literally be life savers!

Extremely popular in the under 45 demographic and a great choice for Millennials and GenX!

There many different options to choose from and these are some of our favorites:

Emergency Battery Charger

Plastic Power Bank 2200mAh

Order this emergency battery charger and have a valuable premium on hand for your next trade show or conference. They’re designed for mobile phones and light up red while charging the power bank and blue when charging your device. Branded with your logo, they’re oh so practical and did I say appreciated?

Flat Promotional Power Bank

Flat Power Bank 2000mAh

The Flat Power Bank is perfect for your next tech event. How many times have you been out and about and your phone is nearly out of juice? Too many, I’m sure. Power banks can save the day! You can add up to 8 additional hours of talk time by just plugging a power bank into your phone. Just don’t forget to charge it (and keep a spare one in your bag).

Promotional Power Bank with Speaker

Power Bank with Speaker 2200mAh

Gain more connections with clients by branding this UL listed Power Bank featuring a wireless speaker with Bluetooth technology. Everyone loves a techy gift so why not make this your next VIP Gift. You can change your device or pair it wirelessly to hear music up to 12 hours and from 30 feet away, how impressive is this!

Aluminum Promotional Power Bank

Aluminum Power Bank 2600mAh

Never be stuck again with a drained battery for your mobile device. This aluminum power bank can charge any phone or table to keep you productive throughout the day. They’re handy for just about anyone doing business on the run – and perfect for VIP giveaways. Choose the color, style and price range to match your brand and event.  

Aluminum Executive Power Bank

Executive Power Bank 6000mAh

Looking for an executive promotion to impress your clients? This is the one for you! This sleek and modern round aluminum Power Bank charges mobile devices up to two times before needing to be recharged again. Fashionable enough leave on your desk while charging your phone or tablet and features a light to let you know it’s in use.

Promotional Power bank with Microfiber Pouch

Power Bank with Microfiber Pouch 2200mAh

In search of a Power Bank kit? Power your promotion with a mobile tech power bank accessory kit in a microfiber cinch pouch. Packaged in a matching cloth color available in bold colors. Customize the pouch with your company logo to maximize brand exposure, this would be fantastic for a thank you or referral gift.

Want more promotional Power Bank ideas?

I'd love to help!