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5 Strategies & Products to Build a Winning Brand Identity

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Rachel Leone

Building a winning brand identity is difficult, but these 5 easy tips (and products) can make it easier.

When it comes to branding it's important to understand that your "brand identity" is being shaped every minute of every day with or without your participation.

No one single element makes up your brand. Your brand is not your logo, colors, fonts, or messaging. It's the sum total of what people think about your business. Branding is the act of influencing what others think and it's something all successful companies take the time and effort to do.

If you're interested in shaping what others think about your business, here are five easy tips and products that can help you create a winning brand identity.

Tip 1. Seek to Stir Emotions

The best way to get someone to notice your brand is to trigger a strong emotional reaction. Fear is a strong emotion, but so are nostalgia and happiness. To differentiate your brand emotionally:

  • Focus on how your product or service makes the user feel.
  • Use messaging and graphics that will get a strong emotional reaction from your audience. Test photos and messaging to see what users like best.
  • Promotional products that make a user feel joy and happiness are a great way to create a positive association with your brand.
Colorful Athletic Socks

Socks are a trendy promotional product that plays on the recipient's emotions. Not only do they feel great, but bright colors can make recipients feel bold and unique.

Tip 2. Tell a Strong Brand Story

The key to stirring the right kind of emotions lies in creating exciting stories. By focusing on how you make your customers lives better or easier, your marketing efforts should be more successful. To tell a strong brand story:

  • Ask your loyal customers why they choose your business over others and share those stories as part of your messaging.
  • Tell your story consistently at different touchpoints throughout your customer's journey.
  • Choose promotional products with enough imprint area to add a message.
Webcam Covers With Booklet

This webcam cover can be packaged in a booklet that can be completely customized with your company's messaging. If your story involves your customer's security, this is a great pairing. 

Tip 3. Know Your Customer, Know Yourself

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Why do they buy your products or services? What makes you unique and puts you in a better position than your competition? Also, what do you know about your customers? Is there an obstacle they all have that you're the solution to? To get to know yourself and your customer:

  • Identify what's unique about your product or service.
  • Determine your customer demographics and look for common challenges that your business or service is solving for them.
  • Select marketing giveaways that help solve problems, or remind your customers that you're there for them when they need help.
Hand Sanitizer with Clip

Select giveaways that people will actually use. Hand sanitizer is a great product because anyone can use it and it should help keep recipients healthy during cold and flu season. 

Tip 4. Consistency is Key

Does your brand identity convey your image consistently – online, offline, and in-person? It should! Mixed or inconsistent branding and messages cause confusion and make you appear less professional. Take your time to make sure all of your marketing materials are in synch and on-brand. To keep consistent:

  • Work with a professional. Designers are trained and have the programs and experience to make you look great every time.
  • Choose products that enhance your messaging and fit with your brands core tenants.
  • Select products that come in colors that match your brand.
Reusable Metal Straw Kit

If your brand is eco-friendly, high-quality, and trendy, you may want to consider a product that reflects all three, like these excellent reusable metal straw kits. 

Tip 5. Nail the Logo

Your logo is one of the most recognizable pieces of your identity. When done well, it quickly communicates who you are, what you do, and elicits a positive emotion. It should also be memorable! Don't forget that the most successful brands update their visual identities every few years and you may want to update yours as you grow your business too. To nail your logo:

  • Work with a professional to create a unique and memorable logo system (horizontal, stacked, simplified, multiple colors.)
  • Select the appropriate logo to match the shape of your imprint.
  • Choose a product that will make your logo and message pop!
16.0 oz. Omni - Powder Coated Bottle

I absolutely love the way logos pop off of many of the insulated water bottles we carry - especially this matte powder-coated bottle. Choose a product that will make your message shine!

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